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Gas Springs Manufacturing ÖZYİĞİT AMORTİSÖR TURKEY

Ürün Kodu: 1987
Kategoriler: MAKİNA

TURKEY Gas Springs, Gazlı Amortisör ÖZYİĞİT AMORTİSÖR

Turkey Gas Springs Özyiğit Amortisör, Gas Springs Standard, Inox. Gas Springs, Dynamic. Gas Springs is a company that manufactures Adjustable Gas Springs, Pressure Gas Springs, Traction Gas Springs, Locking and Blocklift. The company is located in Turkey and has been operating for many years. Its products are known for their quality and durability and are used in a wide variety of applications, including automotive, furniture, medical and industrial equipment. Turkish Gas Shock Absorbers Özyiğit Amortisör is dedicated to providing excellent customer service and innovative solutions to meet the needs of its customers.

gas spring, also known as a gas strut or gas lift, is a type of mechanical spring that uses compressed gas (usually nitrogen) to provide a force in extension or compression. It works on the principle that compressing gas in a closed cylinder increases the pressure and creates a force that can be used to support or assist a variety of applications.

Some key features and applications of gas springs are: Features: Cylinder: It contains compressed gas and a piston moving inside it. Piston: It is the moving part that separates the gas and provides the force. Gas: Nitrogen is typically used due to its non-reactive and stable properties. End Fittings: Connect the gas spring to the application (e.g. cabinet, chair, car trunk).Stroke: The total length that the piston can move in the cylinder.

Applications: Furniture: Gas springs are commonly used in office chairs, height-adjustable desks, and recliners to provide adjustable seating positions. Automotive: Gas springs are used to assist in opening and closing car trunks, hoods, and tailgates. Aviation: Gas springs can be used in a variety of applications within aircraft for cabin amenities and access panels. Industrial Equipment: Used in machinery to assist in lifting and lowering heavy components. Medical Equipment: Gas springs are used for easy adjustment in hospital beds, operating tables and medical chairs. Marine Applications: Used on boat hatches, bulkheads and seats for controlled movement. Benefits: Adjustability: Gas springs allow smooth and controlled adjustments in a variety of applications. Area Efficiency: They can provide a significant amount of force in a relatively small area. Damping Effect: Gas springs provide a damping or cushioning effect during movement, ensuring smooth operation. Long life: Properly maintained gas springs have a long lifespan. To ensure proper operation and long life of gas springs, it is important to follow safety rules and specifications when installing and using gas springs.

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