Turkey's Most Preferred Gas Springs Manufacturer

Öz Yiğit Gas Springs is one of Turkey's most preferred gas springs manufacturers and is a leader in the sector with its wide product range. It produces high quality gas springs for passenger cars, commercial vehicles, tractors, buses, minibuses and other passenger transport vehicles. These shock absorbers are used in many different areas such as luggage systems, bodywork, seat adjustment mechanisms, cabin windows, rear spoilers, pickup covers and caravan covers. Öz Yiğit proves its versatility and importance in the automotive industry by producing gas springs in sizes, forces and sizes specific to customer requests. Öz Yiğit, known for its use of first-class materials and high quality standards, keeps customer satisfaction at the highest level by offering fast and reliable delivery service. In this way, it strengthens its place in the sector as a leading brand in gas springs production.

Gas springs are widely used in various industries and applications. They are frequently used in the automotive industry in areas such as trunk lids, engine hoods and seat adjustment mechanisms. In the furniture industry, gas springs provide soft and controlled opening and closing in products such as cabinet doors, chests and headboards. In addition, the use of gas springs is common in medical equipment, sports equipment, industrial machinery and aviation. These shock absorbers offer comfort and safety to the user and also extend the life of the equipment. While Öz Yiğit Gas Springs produces high quality products suitable for these various applications, it also prioritizes customer satisfaction.

Öz Yiğit Gas Springs is a leading name in the sector in special production solutions. It offers a wide range of services such as maritime, food industry, weapons industry, windbreak glass systems, pool covers, automotive, construction machinery, agricultural machinery and bus, truck and truck groups. It works on the principle of "you ask, we will do it" by offering flexible and innovative production opportunities in line with your project-specific needs. Öz Yiğit Gas Springs, prioritizing quality and customer satisfaction, produces special solutions for every sector and aims to be a reliable business partner.

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